AXtion Systems Gliderboard

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It's here! The Gliderboard is the latest innovation brought to you by the creators of Trickskates! Further developing the hourglass wheel concept for extreme sports, the Gliderboard features a curved center wheel on specially designed resistance bearings, integrated into the trucks to give incredible balance and control when grinding on any kind of surface. The hourglass shaped wheel pushes you to the centerline of the board, and the resistance bearings give you consistant speed and smooth transistions whether you are grinding a slick pipe, or a rough concrete curb. You'll never need to use wax again!

The Gliderboard also features a unique, very innovative flared outside wheel design. This gives the smooth ride of a big wheel, but with less weight and less surface contact for quicker transistions. You don't need to worry about wheel bite either. The Gliderboard trucks are designed with stoppers to keep the wheels from ever rubbing against the deck.

AXtion Systems Gliderboard


Deck GB-1: 8" x 31" Concaved 7-Ply NE China Maple
GB-2A: T6 Extruded Aluminum Alloy (coming soon!)
Graphics: Inkjet and Laser designs available.
Trucks Material: CT10 Aluminum Alloy
Connectors: 6 bolts
Bushings: High-Elasticity Polyurethane, Casted
Wheels Material: High rebound polyurethane
Hardness: 90A
Diameter: 40 - 80mm
Width: 40mm
Bearings: ABEC-5
Glider Wheel Material: Hard polyurethane
Hardness: 92A
Diameter: 30 - 50mm
Width: 100mm
Bearings: Smooth rolling resistance bearings
*Specifications subject to change without notice.
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